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Our news section is designed to keep you informed about our business and the general motorsport industry. In this section, we will post a variety of information about our products, our services and developments within our company. Posts will include press releases, news bulletins and links to oursocial media channels, which includes features such as videos.

在doing so, we will be providing you with a keen insight into how our organisation operates and how it resolves. Other newsworthy items will include posts on developments within the industry that relates directly to us. We will also notify you here of recent stock developments, including newproduct availability. Our goal is to ensure that you receive information to understand better the capabilities of how our business operates and how we can help you.

Keeping itrelevant

The posting of editorial features which do not have relevance to the website holder of origin happens often. We do not see much point in this as we feel it would be more useful for our customers to receive newsworthy features that are relevant to our business; this is why all the posts made here are either from our company or related to it.

Our latest news section is designed to keep you better informed

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By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supplyengineering materialsthat deliver enhanced overall performance.

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