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Superior corrosion-resistant alloys

A superalloy (or high-performance alloy) is one which offers particular superior performance characteristics - superior corrosion and oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength with good surface stability and the ability to operate in increased temperature environments are standard features.

Our nickel-based superalloy range is highly suitable for high-temperature structural applications and in environments where corrosion or oxidation could affect the integrity of the material.


The introduction of chromium, molybdenum and niobium in, for example,Inconel® 625results in an alloy with superior corrosion resistance without the need for precipitation hardening treatment.MP35Nutilises molybdenum and chromium but adds cobalt as a significant alloying element; this results in high corrosive resistance and ultra-high-strength & toughness too.

Our nickel superalloys are all designed to offer the highest performance characteristics in the motorsport sector

Nickel SuperAlloy Range

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