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SHP Technical

Our in-house UKAS accredited materials testing laboratory offers a wide range of services and our metallurgists undertake consultancy services in a variety of application areas.

With a team of three full-time resident metallurgists, we offer our customers a broad range of services, includingmaterials testingand analysis. We aim to understand all customer requirements, and we combine this with our knowledge and experience in the motorsport materials marketplace; this gives us the ability to offer all our customers, large and small, superior, cost-effective service while maintaining continuity within the supply chain. We utilise our laboratory to perform tests and analysis on ourhigh-performance materials和工作与我们的客户的fer the most suitable product option for a particular application, and we provide this all under one roof.


Very few stockholders test in-house; however, we are different. We believe that having an in-house laboratory adds significant value to our business. We know that operating in an industry which places the highest demands on the supply chain requires excellent services. Our UKAS laboratory gives designers even more options due to thetesting and analysiswe can perform.

Having a UKAS accreditation allows us to run our own materials testing laboratory for the direct benefit of our customers

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By gaining a clear understanding of our customers' design drivers and pushing the boundaries of both chemical and mechanical properties, we supplyengineering materialsthat deliver enhanced overall performance.

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